EyeVac Home Touchless EVH-W Review

EyeVac Home Touchless EVH-W Review

When it comes to household chores, one thing we can all agree on is that they can be tedious. However, modern technology offers incredible solutions to make these tasks more manageable. One such revolutionary product is the EyeVac Home Touchless EVH-W, the focus of our EyeVac Home Touchless EVH-W review.

Let’s delve deeper into the features, benefits, and overall performance of this cutting-edge device.

EyeVac Home Touchless EVH-W: Pricing, Pros, and Cons

Available PricesStores
$159On Amazon


  • A sleek, modern design that adds a touch of elegance to your home.
  • Features infrared sensors for touchless, automated operation, promoting an efficient cleaning routine.
  • Large capacity and powerful suction, effectively picking up a wide variety of debris.
  • Comes with HEPA filters that trap fine particles, contributing to a healthier home environment.
  • Easy to setup and maintain, making it user-friendly.


  • Lacks connectivity features such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, making it less “smart” compared to other home devices.
  • The absence of a handheld component may make cleaning in hard-to-reach areas a challenge.

A Quick Overview

EyeVac Home Touchless EVH-W Review

Before we embark on a thorough examination, let’s take a brief glimpse at what the EyeVac Home Touchless EVH-W is.

The EyeVac Home Touchless EVH-W is a stationary vacuum cleaner designed for quick and convenient clean-ups. Boasting a sleek and compact design, this device is unobtrusive and blends seamlessly into any home setting. It’s designed with touchless operation in mind, making the cleaning task more efficient and less strenuous.

Design and Setup

EyeVac Home Touchless EVH-W Review


As soon as you unpack the EyeVac Home Touchless EVH-W, the first thing you notice is its streamlined and modern design. The sleek, black finish is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, allowing it to blend into any home decor. The unit’s compact size ensures it takes up minimal space, a great feature for those with limited floor area.

The infrared sensors on the front of the unit are strategically placed for easy detection of debris. This positioning means the unit can start the cleaning operation as soon as you sweep debris towards it, without any manual intervention.


Now, moving onto the setup process, which is remarkably straightforward. Just plug in the unit, position it in a convenient spot, and you’re all set. The machine is ready to start cleaning. No complex assembly or extensive manual reading required.

Features and Benefits


  • Automatic operation: The EyeVac uses infrared sensors to detect debris, starting its powerful motor to suck up the debris into the bin.
  • Powerful suction: It boasts a 1000 watt motor that ensures all the debris is picked up, leaving your floors clean.
  • Large capacity: The vacuum has a large capacity canister that can hold up to 4.8 liters of debris.
  • HEPA filtration: It comes with a pre-motor and exhaust filter, with the latter being a HEPA filter that ensures fine particles are trapped.


  • Convenience: Its touchless operation and automatic start make cleaning easy and less tiring.
  • Efficiency: With its powerful motor and large capacity, it can handle large amounts of debris without frequent emptying.
  • Healthier environment: Its HEPA filtration system ensures fine particles are trapped, providing a healthier environment.


EyeVac Home Touchless EVH-W Review

After going through the setup and familiarizing ourselves with the device’s features, it’s time to discuss how the EyeVac Home Touchless EVH-W performs in real-world scenarios.

The performance of the EyeVac Home Touchless EVH-W is impressive. Its powerful motor and automatic operation make cleaning a breeze. Whether it’s pet hair, dust, or food crumbs, this machine handles it all with ease. The infrared sensors are highly responsive, triggering the suction as soon as debris is detected.

Features and Benefits


  • Infrared sensors: These sensors quickly respond to the presence of debris, activating the vacuum.
  • Versatile cleaning: It’s designed to handle various types of debris, from pet hair to dust and food crumbs.


  • Efficient cleaning: The quick response of the infrared sensors and the powerful suction ensure your floors are clean in no time.
  • Ease of use: Regardless of the type of debris you’re dealing with, the EyeVac handles it effortlessly, reducing the time and effort needed for cleaning.

Smart Features and Connectivity

The EyeVac Home Touchless EVH-W might not connect to your smartphone or respond to voice commands, but it has its unique set of smart features. Its touchless operation is a smart innovation, significantly simplifying the cleaning process. The infrared sensors detect debris, and the vacuum automatically sucks it in, making this device a genuinely hands-free cleaning solution.

Features and Benefits


  • Touchless operation: The EyeVac’s infrared sensors detect debris, triggering the vacuum to automatically suck it in.
  • Manual mode: Besides the automatic mode, the EyeVac also provides a manual mode, giving you control over when the vacuum starts.


  • Ease of use: The automatic, touchless operation eliminates the need for manual intervention, making cleaning more convenient.
  • Flexibility: The option of using manual mode allows you to control when the vacuum starts, providing flexibility in your cleaning routine.


Regular maintenance is essential for any appliance, and the EyeVac Home Touchless EVH-W is no exception. Thankfully, its maintenance needs are minimal and straightforward.

The device requires occasional emptying of the bin, which is a simple process thanks to the easy-to-remove design. The HEPA filters are also replaceable, ensuring the device continues to trap fine particles effectively. This process is also uncomplicated and can be done in just a few steps.

Features and Benefits


  • Easy-to-remove bin: The EyeVac’s design allows for easy removal and emptying of the bin.
  • Replaceable HEPA filters: The vacuum’s HEPA filters can be replaced to maintain the device’s efficiency.


  • Simplicity: The easy-to-remove bin and replaceable filters make maintenance simple and hassle-free.
  • Longevity: Regular maintenance ensures the longevity and efficiency of the device.

Pricing and Availability

The EyeVac Home Touchless EVH-W is competitively priced, offering excellent value for its features and performance. It’s available at various online retailers, including Amazon, making it easily accessible for customers worldwide.

Features and Benefits


  • Competitive pricing: The EyeVac offers premium features at a competitive price, providing excellent value for money.
  • Wide availability: The vacuum is available at various online retailers, ensuring easy access for customers.


  • Value for money: With its advanced features and competitive pricing, the EyeVac offers an excellent return on investment.
  • Convenience: The wide availability of the product means you can easily find and purchase it.


Wrapping up this EyeVac Home Touchless EVH-W review, it’s clear that this innovative vacuum cleaner is a game-changer in the home cleaning domain. Its touchless operation, powerful suction, and automatic start are features that set it apart. Add to this its sleek design, simple setup, and minimal maintenance, and it becomes clear why this device is a worthwhile investment for a cleaner, healthier home.

While it may lack some of the connectivity features found in other smart home devices, the convenience and

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