Must Have Smart Home Devices

must have smart home devices

If you’re looking for ways to make your home smarter and more connected, there are plenty of options available. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at eight different smart technology devices that can help elevate your home. From thermostats and security cameras to door locks and light bulbs, these devices can help make your life easier and add an extra layer of convenience and safety to your home. So if you’re ready to get started on making your home smarter, read on for our suggestions on must-have smart home devices.

Amazon Echo – voice controlled assistant that can play music, answer questions, and control smart devices in your home

The Amazon Echo is essential for any smart home setup. Not only is it a sleek and powerful piece of smart technology, but its voice control capabilities also allow you to conveniently interact with your smart devices without ever having to lift a finger. With Alexa, the smart assistant that powers the Echo, you can do things like play music from any room in your house simply by giving it a command or ask questions and get an answer instantaneously –no more Googling around! You can also easily manage your smart home tech by asking Alexa to dim the lights or adjust the thermostat. All of this adds up to create a streamlined smart home experience that will have you wanting to upgrade all your other devices.

Philips Hue Lights – change the ambiance of your room with different light colors and shades

Smart devices like Philips Hue lights are a great addition to any smart home. These colorful smart bulbs allow you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion or room. With these smart lights, you can change up the atmosphere in an instant with different colors and shades of light – from soft hues of pink and yellow to bold blues and purples – these lights will fill your home with an atmosphere custom-tailored to your liking. Philips Hue lights allow you to reclaim control over your smart home and customize it as much as you’d like, making them a must-have smart technology device that no smart home should be without!

Nest Thermostat – save money on your energy bills by automatically adjusting the temperature of your home

The Nest Thermostat is one smart home device you won’t want to be without in 2023. With energy bills constantly on the rise, it’s easy to feel like you don’t have much control over how much money you’re spending. Fortunately, with the Nest Thermostat, you can put that power back in your own hands and even save money by automatically adjusting your thermostat settings based on occupancy, time of day, and weather. It also knows when it’s time to turn up the heat or cool down at night—allowing you to sleep soundly knowing your energy bills will remain low. Smart home tech doesn’t get much better than this!

Ring Doorbell – see who’s at your door from anywhere in the world and answer it even when you’re not home

A smart doorbell like the Ring Doorbell is quickly becoming a must-have smart technology device for homes, and understandably so. With the Ring Doorbell, you will never again miss visitors, deliver orders, or family members when you’re away from home. You can even engage in two-way audio conversations with anyone at your doorstep through this smart device — all from anywhere in the world. Just connect to your smart device and voila! An answer for any knock on your door, no matter your location. With the Ring Doorbell at home, smart home technology can easily be taken to a whole new level of convenience, comfort, and security.

August Smart Lock – lock and unlock your door with your smartphone, no keys required

August Smart Lock is the perfect smart home device for those who are always on the go and forget their keys! With August Smart Lock, you can unlock your door with just a few taps on your smartphone. No more worrying about losing those pesky keys in the midst of a busy day. Plus, this smart lock makes it easy to share access with trusted family members or friends. All they need is an account from the August app and they can unlock your door with ease. So why fumble around with old-fashioned keys, when you could smarten up your home life with August Smart Lock?

Arlo Security Camera – keep an eye on your home with this wireless security camera

If you’re looking to smarten up your home and provide yourself with peace of mind, then an Arlo security camera should be at the top of your smart home device list. This wireless, weatherproof monitoring system is fully equipped with motion detection and night vision so you can monitor everything from baby monitors to pet activity with quality HD video – all from the convenience of your smart phone. Whether you’re trying to protect your family or just want a little extra assurance that your possessions are safe, the Arlo security camera is an invaluable asset for any smart home.


Keep your home up-to-date with the latest smart technology. These devices will not only make your life easier, but they’ll also help you save money and stay safe. Be sure to subscribe to Smart Tech Hive so you don’t miss any new developments in the world of smart tech.

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